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Let's name Freedoom's levels!

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From Voltcom9's suggestions for Map05, my favourite is Sludge Burrow. It has a great ring to it and suits the map perfectly. Also, as the guy who adopted and fixed up Map 10, I really like the name "The Deadly Outlands" for that map. :D

There's some really good names here. Some of these should get committed.

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Phase 2


- Gothic Research
- Ethics Station
- Castle 80
- Secondary Data Center/Centre
- Experimental Facility
- Research Zone


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Evillus said:

map08: Grind
map12: lord of all worlds
map29: close

these sound pretty good to me.

Begin Name Simulation

(I like it)

Lord of All Worlds


End Name Simulation

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thanks for letting me know! here are my new map names

Map 12: shotgun guy city--slowed

Map 29: Heat--Beginning Of The End

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This is a fun idea. I think I am still the author of what is now called C1M1, if I'm reading git history right. When I designed the map I was aiming to create something which referenced "Hangar" much like Doom E1M1 is supposed to be. However, I am not suggesting Hangar (or Hanger, sic), due to the rules. Instead

Marnetmar said:

E1M1: Starport

Sounds good to me!

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Voros said:

Is this thread even official?

I don't see why not; Fraggle started it and he's one of the freedoom project admins.

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I got some names here.

Map23-Underground Facility

Map25-Blood Church

Map29-Last Stand

Map06-Unknown Outpost

Map08-Astronomy Center

I think they're pretty good.

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Catoptromancy said:

MAP22: Remanasu

I don't know what that means, and I don't care. It's better than Lava Canyon.

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Looking back at this thread, someone mentioned "not sure". I know it was the guy saying he doesn't know what to name it. But hat would be an amazing name for the secret levels, don't you think?

Not Sure

It pokes you with some humour, and I believe that's good. Frankly, I find Safety in Numbers/Summer Residence to be a bit strange/too vague. No offence Voltcom9.

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Anybody got good names for DM31 and DM32?
Edit: bah, used Gentlepoke's and Voltcom9's name proposals.

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This got removed in the forum update:


Maybe this thread should be updated. Judging by the dehacked.lmp file it looks like all the maps have names already (except for C3M5, which is an empty placeholder map).

I'm glad that C1M7 was named "Transportation Bay" instead of "Research Lab", which would be weird for the story considering the entire chapter 2 is supposed to be the Labs already.



EDIT: C3M5 was recently named to "Oblation Temple"

Edited by Ferk

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On 8/4/2020 at 4:24 AM, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

e1m1 - Ultrabland Complex

e1m2 - Ubergeneric Tech

Is that supposed to be a meta-joke, or are you expressing criticism of map design this way?


TBH I'm not a big fan of the new E1M1 because of its rather confusing layout, but E1M2 is a longtime classic.

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I also like the tune that was playing in E1M2 in versions up to 0.10 or so. Feeling pretty nostalgic about the old versions of Freedm generally.

The old, pre-Raymoohawk releases were criticised by many for bad art quality, but actually I think the visuals are pretty consistent, at least in Phase 1.

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