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Doom Sketches and other Stuff

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Here is just some stuff I've drawn over the years, Doom and otherwise. I may update.

Demon Murdering
Baron of Hell (Based on Lost Episode Baron
A Pinky Demon, sort of based on the Doom 64 version
The Marine Post-Killing Shit
I Sawed the Demons

Star Wars:
Wan Sandage
Rodian wearing a Jacket
Various Podracers
Master Treetower

Ghost Pokemon I forget the name of

The Walking Dead:
Rick Grimes saying "Okay"

Ponies (Normally I wouldn't share these, but they were fun to work on crossovers):
Mrs. Cake on the PSX Doom cover. I only drew the pony, of course.
Evil Dead crossover

Just some stuff to share, y'know?

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