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[W.I.P.] Crasmap (Version 9b)

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So I made some maps. That's something. I try to learn something new about DoomBuilder with each new map. And while some of these don't look to good now, in following versions I try to make some of them look better than their last iteration.
So far, I'll try my hand at making a level with sliding doors and other advanced objects.

IWAD: doom2.wad
Source Port Required: The limit-removing types. Like ZDoom, or Zandronum.

Download crasmap-v9b.wad

* Removed CM02 and CM05
* Refined CM01, CM03, CM04, CM06, CM08, CM09.
* Removed most rocket jump puzzles, seeing that people don't like 'em.
* Added some "texture diversity", if you will to some bland-looking old maps.

Screenshots (CM01):

Please give feedback. I'd like to improve as a mapper using said feedback.

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