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Aspartame - a DM map by someone who doesn't play DM

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After seeing the latest 32in24 session underway, I've started wondering a bit more about deathmatch maps and whether I can make them. As you know I don't really play multiplayer in any way, shape, or form, and this reflects in the maps I've released. This is the first DM-centred map I've ever made and hopefully I'm doing it right: feedback is greatly appreciated. On a side note, I decided to outfit this map for single player as well: don't expect it to be fabulous, but hopefully it'll provide some enjoyment.

Download Aspartame.

Kind of forgot to pick some music. Whupz.

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First impression is that it's very omnidirectional. A good DM map really should be more interconnected and flow well in multiple directions. Your items are kinda placed in an odd way too, and the presence of an SSG at the bottom near other weapons will mean a lot of spawnkilling. It does look alright, but it seems more like an opener to a SP map as it is.

If you want to get an idea of how to make good DM maps, I'd recommend checking out Greenwar, Lazarus, UDMX, or even the latest 32in24. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and you'll find a lot of DM wads are not hosted on idgames but rather on multiplayer-focused wad repositories.

If you are interested in maps that have support for both soloplay and DM, Motornerve or Uac Ultra 2 by 40oz do a decent job at it.

(also play DM, it's fun and intense and will give you a better idea of balance)

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