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Flatulence Protocol 2.0

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Speedmap done for a battleofthebits.org one-hour battle. The theme was Vanilla-compat, and no shotguns/supershotguns.


Name: Flatulence Protocol 2.0
Port: Vanilla
Build Time: 1 hr 20 min (1 hr for initial submission yesterday, 20 mins for some touch-ups I just made)
Music: Icarus.wad MAP20

Difficulty settings included, but no DM starts or things.

(For those wondering, the first Flatulence Protocol was also a speedmap, made for TTV's 5in100 event - it's a 1024 map done in 100 minutes, with a MIDI written in about 15 minutes before mapping began. :P It is MAP30 in the TTV 5in100 Season 1 pack [though it's not a boss map], or you can swipe it on its own here.)

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