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Battle Strategy

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Good map, feels kinda like "Skepland lite" because of dickish (but easier) gameplay and some similar designs. Maybe your best work so far. Hope there are no more bugs. :P

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great map! Very skeplandy in spirit, which is a good thing. I'm of fan of a map that isn't afraid to show some fangs and have me scared to step an inch outside of where I've already been. I quickly abandoned my fda attempts in favor of playing through with saves, overall a very solid effort, I'd be happy to see more maps like this. A couple of things passed my threshold of dickishness though:

- the abundance of "lol teleported behind you" traps, most noticeably along the BK route
- those 2 AVs behind the door en route to YK felt kind of unnecessary
- overall AV usage was a bit high, became sort of expected after awhile.

My favorite area was probably the RK room right near the start, wonderfully well designed such that each effort to give yourself more room just makes it worse :)

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When I read the title and saw the picture, I thought the OP was trying to create a "choose your own adventure thread." I'm leaving disappointed. : /

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