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Doom Builder 2 Graphics Quality Decreased

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Hey guys, I'm having a problem with the graphics quality in Doom Builder 2 when building my maps. This has been happening for a while now and I would like some help with this.

First take a look at the floor graphics quality in the 2D viewing mode when I'm zoomed out:

Now take a look at the floor graphics when zoomed in:

And finally take a look at this image when in 3D mode:

As you can see, the graphics further away look worse than the ones closer which takes place for both 2D and 3D viewing modes. What could be the problem? Could it be a problem in the Doom Builder 2 settings, or could it be a problem with my graphics driver and/or my computer?

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I'm certainly no expert on these matter, but the first thing I'd try is jiggering with my video card's software's 'anisotropic' settings. Change it from 'automatic' (or whatever it says), to 'always at ##x' (whatever the maximum is), and see if DB looks better then.

If that fixes it, you should be able to make an application-specific setting that ups anisotropy to the desired level when running DB.

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Dragonsbrethren said:

Just looks like mipmapping to me. Do the draw distance or high quality rendering preferences make any difference?

Where would I go to check those options?

Anyways, in case if it's a graphics error or setting change, then here's a DxDiag log with info on my system:

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So I modified my graphics settings and I got the problem fixed. I was also having trouble with the graphics with Minecraft too, and the graphics settings fix helped with that too. So everything's good for now.

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