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Doom Squared part 3

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Doom Squared
Part 3


…I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, my body shaking from the exposure to cold water. I ran up to the blue door and swiped the keycard against the doorframe sensors. It opened, and four ex-sergeants came to kill me. After two blasts with my new Phase 2 Shotgun, I was able to eliminate them. There was an exit sign on the ceiling, and another red switch, but no other doors except the one I came in. This pumping station had finally been cleared of all the monsters, so I took a small break to plan my next strategy and to recover.

My body was shaking from hypothermia, so I opened a medikit and took out one of those thin, silvery Space Blankets and wrapped myself in it. There were also some Hot Packs that I activated and put on my arms. A screeching sound alarmed me, and I grabbed my shotgun. It was just the door closing and locking, but it had still scared me, a veteran of this war. I decided that since I had the only blue key, I would be safe in here for a while. Warm now, I started to drift off to sleep.

I was awoken about 4 hours later by the banging sound on the door. There was a
Large spot on it that was red hot. An imp must have been using his fireballs to melt through the door. I remembered that these creatures could take incredible amounts of heat, even being able to walk through molten lava with no ill effects, so I grabbed my guns, threw them in the empty backpack, abandoned the blanket and heat packs, and slammed on the exit button.

A metal ladder slowly lowered itself down from the barren ceiling. Climbing it, I looked at the part of ceiling it had come down from. It looked like someone had covered it with plaster during a renovation, so I started to claw at it. Large chunks of the plaster fell to the floor, and I felt a fireball melt the bottom of my boots. The imp must have been able to open a hole in the door, and looking down, I saw its ugly bald head sticking through the white-hot opening.

Finally, the plaster gave way, and a hatch was revealed. I opened it. The imp had its whole torso in now, and was pushing down on the door to pull the rest of itself through. As I shoved myself into the hole in the roof and closed the hatch behind me, I could hear the imp’s cries of anguish that it had lost its prey. This new passage looked like it hadn’t been uses in years, even decades. There was a musty smell, and cobwebs littered the corners. I pulled out a glow stick from my pocket, cracked it, and proceeded down the tunnel.

I had been walking down the narrow tunnel for about an hour, and it hadn’t changed direction yet. It was square, lined with brown metal, and was about a meter and a half across, and two meters high. The glow stick was a thirty-minute, high intensity one, and it was now quite dim. About 10 minutes later, it finally gave out, and I was forced to feel my way around. Within minutes, I had hit what felt like a wooden wall.
I could feel heat coming from the other side, and judged it was another renovation job. I backed up a few feet, and made a running start at it.

The wooden board was thinner than I thought, and it collapsed before my shoulder. I was now in what looked like a small coat room. There was a shelf with a flashlight, a public worker’s neon orange work suit on a hanger, and a clipboard on the floor. I read the paper clipped to it: it was a fax.


In response to the city’s orders, the following precautions have taken place:

-Eastern waste tanks have been drained, washed, and purged.

-All water flow has been diverted to Waterworks Stations 3, 6, and 8

-Central treatment has been cut off and purposely flooded.

It looked like I was in the main sewage facility for the whole city. I opened the yellow door in front of me, and began my decent into the filth.

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