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What ports support peripheral vision?

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What Doom ports support rendering Doom on three windows (or just three parts of a window or screen) that display whatever's on your left, on your front, and on the right? I think old Doom had this feature which got removed. It also required a network and three separate computers. I'm asking for ports which have this feature on a single computer, without network communication.

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None. Chocolate Doom has three screen mode but it uses multiplayer. That's not to say you can't run all 3 executables on one computer, though(which is how it was intended to be used, AFAIK)

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printz said:

Is there a technical limitation against drawing three (virtual) viewports?

SDL 1.2 is limited to one window, which is probably the only issue. The good news is that by updating to SDL 2.0, multiple windows and multiple monitor support will no longer be a problem.

There might be some other issue I'm missing, but seeing as Doom v1.2 seemed to render to multiple windows just fine, I think SDL is the only bottleneck.

(Hopefully we'll see some ports start to migrate to SDL2 soon, 2.0.1 has already been released)

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I have never tried it but there is code in DoomLegacy for running a slaved process with the display offset at an angle. In version 1.42 it was a fixed angle, but I updated that code recently to allow any angle to be specified.

I think maybe it is a network connect command.

It probably depends upon SDL limitations if you can more than one process on the same machine. I expect it would require three machines, on a network.

With a dual head video card, Linux might be able to use both heads simultaneously. It should certainly allow two SDL to be run simultaneously with different monitors.

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