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uryu the wind scythe

3d model animation in doom

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OK...so I have searched all over, and I'm sure its here somewhere... but darned if I can find it.
Anyone hook me up with a link to a tutorial witch tells how to write the code for a animated 3d model?
I know the basics of importing a 3d model, but the rest has eluded me so far. Also, i have looked THOUGHLY thrugh DS-MODELS.PK3 and cannot figure out what i am doing wrong. Help is greatly appreacitated.

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The heading of that particular wiki article is misleading; as those are only definitions for ZDoom and ZDoom derived ports, not all ports as the heading implies.

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Anything on the ZDoom wiki implies only ZDoom and child ports, though I agree that this is not be obvious to someone unfamiliar with it. "MODELDEF is the lump which defines models used in hardware-accelerated ports" means hardware-accelerated ports based on ZDoom in this case.

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