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halp: where a speedmapper's intents go to die

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tested both with prboom plus 2.5.0 -complevel 9, all skill levels implemented. the first map was a failed attempt to a speedmap, it was intended to be finished in 2 hours, but it took 2 days...

the second took me almost a week to finish, now i'm sure i can't speedmap.

map 1 still no music.

link: https://www.mediafire.com/?p8rw82atl6e2ds1

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Cool crazy chaotic arena, monsters will get to you anywhere. Frustrating health balance and damn chaingunners made me give up after a few tries but I'm a nab.

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i always have problems regarding health balance... if you have some suggestions/criticisms/insults feel free to post them. also i forgot to mention that this thing have difficulty settings implemented.

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