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Zdoom on Mavericks?

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Anyone running Zdoom on Mavericks? Won't seem to work on mine. Gives an exception error and crashes. Before upgrading to Mavericks zdoom was running fine on Lion, I believe was my previous OS.

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Works fine for me. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to clear delete and reinstall the app and then delete your ini in ~/Library/Preferences.

The only other issue I can think of that might be relevant is to make sure you allow third party applications to run. My default Mavericks will only run signed apps (I believe through the app store?). I can't remember if Lion was like that, but I know Mountain Lion was.

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It is very likely that this is either a signing or a permission issue as Apple changed the rules somewhat for Mavericks:

Craig Hockenberry at furbo.org said:

Very simply put, you can no longer sign a bundle (like your .app) if any nested bundle in that package is unsigned. These nested bundles are things like helper executables, embedded frameworks, plug-ins and XPC services.

The result is that you’ll need to update your Xcode projects as soon as you start building on 10.9.

See: http://furbo.org/2013/10/17/code-signing-and-mavericks/

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As long as the compiler is compatible with Apple's GCC (or more importantly CMake) then it should work. (Clang isn't officially supported yet.) I don't use the Xcode IDE to compile. In fact, until recently it wouldn't build in the Xcode IDE period.

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