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headshots etc possible in zdoom?

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Was wondering this a couple of days ago, in zdoom (picked it because it seems the most advanced) is it possible to assign different amounts of damage to your target, depending on whether it's a headshot, limbs etc? I'm guessing it's not possible.

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It's possible, though not directly supported so you have to use borderline hacky methods.

Keep in mind precision remains limited since enemies are sprites rather than models, so don't expect to be able to shoot an enemy's gun out of their hands to disarm them without hurting them or whatever other silliness you might imagine. But for rather basic blocky shapes, like "headshot" or "legshot", it's possible.

There are two methods: one is based on spawning "hit detection actors" at the monster's position, with a slightly larger radius but a smaller height. Position them accurately and there you go, if you hit the zombieman's "headshot detection actor" you know you can damage the zombieman more than usual. I think this is the method used by Brutal Doom.

The other method consists in detecting the height of the hit in the blood splatter actor itself. IIRC, Nash (I think it was Nash) had a working example of the system somewhere on the ZDoom.org forum.

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Are you good with a scripting language zdoom uses called DECORATE. You can use DECORATE to create hit boxes to make headshots and what not. Its complicated to create, but quite possible if you understand how the scripting language works.

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