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Raziel Anarki

dos music remixes

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long time lurker, on-and-off (mostly off lately... :/) fellow doomer here :)

i've recently created some demo music quoting/based on some old dos game music, that had a great influence on me back in the days :)

actually i've been planning to pay tribute to these games in some musical form or another for a long time, but my hobby-composer skills just got to the point where i felt confident enough that i can do them some justice.

i guess most people are rock/metal fans here (?), and this is pure electronic music, in the style of old-school 90's goa trance to be exact, but it might be some interest anyways because of doom stuff :)
so here they are:

protorai - phrygian observatory
the middle part of this track is an arragement of the opening of Mark Klem's Hidden Anger, from Memento Mori MAP01.

protorai - the ant mill
this is based on various melodic ideas dissected then mashed together, among them are:
the background rymthic melody from Heretic's E3M3, a riff from Doom's E1M9, and some arpeggios based around the "siren"s of E1M5 and E2M2

protorai - orbital descent
the concept of this one is mostly based around the themes from the opening/the first few levels of descent 1:
the briefing, the intro, level 3, level 1 and level 2 (in that order), with some descent sfx here and there


bobby prince's doom1/2 soundtrack is probably etched into my brain forever, if i ever hum to myself, it's most likely to be one of the tunes of his :)
in other words, ofc i'm thinking about doing something more doom/doom2 themed in the future (maybe even a wacky wheels one :D), but i'm saving it for later, i wanna try exploring some of my own ideas first, i have learned a lot while doing these remixes :)

many props, respect, and thanks to the original authors:
Robert Prince, Mark Klem, Kevin Schilder and sadly-i-don't-know-who-at-parallax

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Discussion is cool, but if you just want to post a bunch of links there's a thread in Blogs for that.

That said - I'm much more into Commodore 64 remixes than DOS.

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I like all of these. The various voice samples does limit their usefulness as game music though IMO.

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thanks :)

well, if anyone wants to use these as game music, i suppose i could make versions without the distracting sound fx/voices, or with better looping, if needed. :)

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I don't have anything planned that could use them ATM but it's always nice to have some resources "just in case". If you fancy uploading game-friendly versions I'd certainly appreciate it.

Either way, I've listened to the tracks a few times now and I definitely do like them. They seem to pretty much do what you had intended to achieve with them.

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