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music replacement in single maps

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I noticed that most mappers don't replace music when they make a single map. I believe music plays a big role in ambiance and pace, and many of those MAP01 replacements don't fit with D_RUNNIN. Am I being too nitpicky? Because to me it's like watching different movies with the same soundtrack, it's kind of weird.

What do you think?

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Dragonsbrethren said:


no, that's cheating, only works temporarily and involves too much choice.

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I use a custom version of Jimmy's jukebox.

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IDMUS and music wads can help but a song selected by the author himself specifically to match the mood of the level is usually much better. Yesterday I used IDMUS in a level that had new music though. At the start I was just walking around the forest shooting lone zombies with pistol and yet the song was some brutal aggressive metal. wtf?

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