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Bob Evans and the Odessa series

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Hi, i've registered here today and this is my first ever post and it's for a very specific reason.

As a young teenager i was lucky enough to be part of the first wave of Doom hype and member of the CompuServe Action Games Forum, username: Japoon.

i uploaded a few naive pwads that didn't have enough dm start points and loads of other nooby issues that i didn't consider at the time. Regardless, it would be a great trip down memory lane to see them again after 20 years (!!!) , if only to read the crap i put in the text file.
Think i added a few cringe worthy sfx as well...

I've recently got back into Doom via the awesome Brutal Doom mod.

And here i am, another lone marine, advocating, screaming and hoping for this mythical upload.


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Hey waftlord! Welcome to the Doomworld Forums!

Any idea what the filenames or title of the wad files are? Perhaps we could help you find them.

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no, hence the eagerness to see and search bobs action games forum archive.

i've searched at all the other repositories online and they're not there.

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The chance of this happening at this point looks pretty poor, and that is disappointing. Any updates? There are a lot of people who are willing to help in whatever ways necessary.

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Sending him a message would be more useful I feel, even though him reading it then answering would take a while. fraggle seems to have his email adress. Of course this is not something we can abuse, as he is most surely aware of our anticipation.

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