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Superwad LVL 3 needs testing!

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Hello again everyone. Finally finished the third level (I suppose this could be considered its beta form but it is complete and beatable). I switched from DeePSEA to Doom Builder 2.0 on this map to see what the core differences were and I found that Doom Builder is a lot more forgiving with it Line Draw mode and as well, the 3D editor is fantastic for texture editing. Those of you who had been trying my maps out should notice a stark improvement. Feels a lot more like a pro map.

Even managed to change the music up for this one. Enjoy. Let me know what you folks think, need feedback on playability, difficulty, etc etc.



Picture of Map layout:

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Hi, I played some of your other levels but couldn't find the thread because I couldn't remember what it was called. You should keep it all in one thread, change the topic and bump as needed, so that all the information/discussion/etc. is in the same place!

For now maybe just link the other threads from the OP in this one?

I won't get to this one for a few days at least, too much going on, but I'll give it a run sometime.

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