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A compilation of Christmas-themed WADs

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I've posted this on ZDoom forums, and I'm gonna post it here.

Christmas is very soon, but you still aren't in a Christmas mood? Well, try playing any map for Doom II with this! It probably won't help, but will still be pretty fun.

Basically, I've taken resources from various Christmas-themed .wads, and put them all in one big (4,89 MB) file. Also, I've made one or two graphics (like new Cacobauble's sprites, or voxel presents).

This is supposed to work with every map that doesn't change textures and Zombieman's and Baron of Hell's sprites. (If it changes only the textures or only sprites, just change the load order.)

These are creators of the WADs I've taken resources
and/or ideas from (this is going to be long):

- Tormentor667 and AcidFlash for "X-Mas deathmatch"
- Chrozoron, Gemini, Darkfang and Zsignal for "XMas Doom 99"
- SillySft, Mal, FireHawk, Vortex, Lithium,ChainsawJim, VT102 and Hygelic for "XMas Doom"
- Martin Hajek and Harry Nurmohamed for "X-Mas Nightmare"
- Joe Wilcox, V. Andre Lowe, Mark Gundy, and H2HMud for "H2H-XMas" (or should I say, Santa Claus graphics from it.)
- Mem Scuba Steve, Enjay and WViperW for "Massmouthmas"
- Raven Software for "Hexen" I've stol-... er, "borrowed" Ice texture from.
- Bloax for Doomguy'ed Cleric's (from Hexen) hand sprite.
- Scott Gustafon for Between-level image (really great artist!)
- Unknown (?) author for picture at the cast list. (Really, I couldn't find who created it!)
- Creators of all the great MIDIs I've found in the internet!

Screenies here

Due to palette limits in ZDoom, some graphics looks better in GZDoom.
Work only on ZDoom or GZDoom (NOT Zandronum!)

Download link: XMasAdon.zip
(Hopefully, I will upload this to /idgames when it will be possible.)

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