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This song sounds like Into Sandy's City

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Just wanted to share with you guys. The music in question starts at 1:06

It is from the 1980 Soviet Sherlock Holmes miniseries. There's little chance Bobby Prince heard it before composing the Doom 2 soundtrack but it is funny how similar the music is.

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Fucking awesome series, best Sherlock Holmes version ever. :) Everything else just seems so bland in comparison.
But I watched it several times and never noticed this. Now I kinda see what you mean I guess by imo there is very little resemblance.

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My top picks are (No particular order):

Into Sandy's City
Shawn's Got the Shotgun
Waiting for Romero to Play
In the Dark
Getting Too Tense
Message for the Arch-Vile
Running From Evil

I find the rest repetitive and bland.

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