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Hey, looks cool, I'll check it out in a few days when I get the chance.

Spoiler tags don't work here like they do on the ZDoom forums, consider just posting the thumbnail and linking to the full image? imgur thumbnail filename is the same as the image name with an s before the file extension, e.g. http://i.imgur.com/x4hXxi7s.png

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I think it's good for a first map! The music was something epic. Also I have very little experience with custom guns and monsters, so it was nice.

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Hey, that was all right. Nothing too amazing but a solid first map.

I had mixed feelings about the ZDoom stuff, though I tend to prefer more vanilla-styled maps. The new monsters and enemies seemed a bit unnecessary overall, with the best use being the small cacos who were fun and cute and the most needless being the tweaks to the SSG that you only get for one fight. A lot of the new monsters etc. weren't that different from vanilla ones, and make more sense in a longer series of maps than in a single short level IMHO. But that's OK. Scripting etc. was fine, I'm not a huge fan of tying so much to killing all the monsters in an area but again that's just preference. The big concern I have when new mappers use a lot of ZDoom stuff is that they try to use those things to mask deficiencies in their mapping fundamentals, such as architecture, encounter design etc. and I don't really get that feeling here, so good.

Visually it's a bit of a mixed bag, the outdoor areas mostly looked good and the new texture use was also good. A few things looked kind of off or weird, don't know if I played the new or old version though so maybe some of these were fixed.

The tekwall mixed with stargr looks cool but the way it just cuts off for that one strip looks a bit funny imho.

Not thrilled about this sky choice, I think the fog is from Hexen? It looks kind of ugly against anything that isn't also fog.

Greywall borders here, seems strange and accidental. The sides have different offsets too.

Cutoff base of door looks a bit odd, would be better to have a step cut into the floor I think.

Anyhow that's all pretty minor stuff really.

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