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Monster's idle state

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I really don't know how to ask this, so I'll quote the Doom Wiki:

"Idle monsters are stationary and appear to be walking in place. This is because Doom monsters have no idle frames, instead going through their first two walking frames in a loop."

Now, I've seen a couple of wads that "fix" this (one example that comes to mind is doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16831]Survive in Hell). How is this accomplished?

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Simplest method is to have their Spawn state loop on itself directly, or have it and the next state (which loops back to Spawn) use the same frame letter. Make it a frame letter that isn't used in the See (or Chase) and Attack state sequences.

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It seems quite easy, but where/how do I have to do it exactly? Can it be done with any wad? For example, let's say I want to apply it to Memento Mori. Which program I use? What steps do I have to follow? Maybe there's already some kind of "tutorial" for this I am not aware of?

I know this sounds pretty dumb, but I know almost nothing about this.

Thanks for your quick reply.

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normally you'd do it with a dehacked patch or a decorate script and run it in conjunction with any wad you'd like, provided it doesnt change any behaviors of the monsters already.

sorry for the lack of bountiful information, but perhaps someone else with more time on their hands could write a better post explaining how to do what.

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