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Doom2 Level Designer @ work on twitch!

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Hey guys!

4 some time ago I uploaded a map (mayhem, kaya.ownit.nu ) and many of you guys liked it, Ive been busy working and stuff. but 4 the last 3 days ive been streaming from twitch were im working on a new map. I Thought it would be fun 4 everyone to see a me working on a map live. The ide is 4 everyone to participate and maybe we can all create a really nice map together, Iwill not be able to use microphone cuz of the my children. but ill use the main chat on twitch.

the adress 4 my stream is


and my utube is Mihriban073 (same)
ill be streaming in an our or 2, come by and se a work on progress


Doomsday engine (lovin the light and detail on the engine ;) )7

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cihatkaya said:

Ill be up shortly!

ilö try out the last map first been a long time since last play!

so its on live and in effect

live editing? interesting, I've never seen that before.

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