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General Rainbow Bacon

Unreasonably difficult map

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Ok, so I started this on UV. I had only a pistol and many hell knights came, so I tried pacifist mode on my first run. Could grab the red card but never run out with it.

Switched to skill 1, so at least I would have ammo. Shooting those hell knights with pistol was quite boring, then chaingunners appear to give their chainguns and also kill me.

3rd run, with pirate doom, that doubles bullet damage and has stronger melee as these were my only attack options. Save-spammed a bit but still couldn't get out alive with red card.

Then I ran it with Russian Overkill and blasted the hell out of it.

Final verdict: too easy ;)

PS: Thanks for replacing D_RUNNIN with custom music.

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FDA, -cl9

Well that was something. I don't know if it's just luck or what but I managed to finish pretty quickly after I abandoned the cheesing tactics and just rushed through everything, 10 deaths or something like that in total only. I reckon maxing this should hardly be a problem once you get back outside, though I did not stay around to see if there were more surprises to come. Pretty fun for a playthrough or two :)

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