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Naked Snake

Powerups, items and other shit or something

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Ammo Crate

What it does : gives you full ammo for a random weapon and gives you 200% armor

Info : running low on ammo, need some fast? See that crate that says AMMO on it? GRAB IT, DAMN YOU! Not only does it fill up ammo for a random gun, it gives you 200% armor, so you can fire away and take less damage!

Death Rage

What it does : makes you into a human bomb

Info : so, you're gonna die? No problem, just grab the Death Rage and rush your enemy, you will explode on contact, and here is the cool thing, it doesn't count as a suicide, but here is the problem, you still can take damage, so, if you're rushing your enemy and he blows you away, you = fucked

Spiritual Shield

What it does : acts both as defense and as offense

Info : you're running scared when you see it, the Spiritual Shield, which surrounds you in a blue sphere that abosorbs 50% of the damage you take, and if you get close enough to an enemy, they are killed slowly and painfully, sounds great right? Drawback is that it uses some of your spiritual energy, like ya know, health. Basically, it drops your health to 50%, if you have less than 50% health, you shouldn't take this powerup, if you do, it takes your health all the way down to 1%!


What it does : zooms your view

Info : got a victim in your sights? Damnit, he is to far away, you can't get a decent bead on him, but wait, here are some Binoculars, they should help. They zoom your FOV in, using the - and + keys, you can zoom in and out, they last for about 1 minute. Why? Um...because they were made really shitty or something, I dunno, stfu.

A.R.D. (Ammo Regeneration Unit)

What it does : your ammo will not deplete

Info : so, once again, you are low on ammo. Grab this and you have infinite ammo for about 1 minute, plus, it makes you shoot faster too! Great! Drawback is, that it makes your weapons heavier, so they raise slower when you switch...

Stationary weapons would rule, like gattling guns and shit. I'll get into that department next. All stationary guns have infinite ammo, but they make you stop shooting for a bit.

Gattling Guns
Info : twin mounted Gattling Guns, press SPACE (or whatever you have assigned to use), then move your crosshairs to shoot, using the mouse or whatever, then turn your opponent into gibs. It DOES have infinite ammo, but it has a drawback, after being fired for a bit, it requires you to stop for about 20 seconds, leaving you a sitting duck, so, fire away then get the fuck away. Press SPACE again to go back to free moving

Ultra Rocket Launcher
Info : three barrels on this baby, two shoot rockets, the other shoots a grenade, all in a spread, great huh?

Lazer Gun
Info : shoots a steady stream of hot death, cutting down gladiators like nothing. This is the ONLY stationary weapon that can hurt YOU. How does it? Well, firing it to much makes it über hot, therefore, burning you.

Info : shoots naplam at your enemy, setting them on fire. This one has the lowest time for being able to be fired before it makes you stop.

What do you guys think?

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bigbadgangsta said:

A.R.D. (Ammo Regeneration Unit)

Wouldn't that be A.R.U. then? I rate this post a 1.6 (NOT a 1.60).

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Linguica said:

Wouldn't that be A.R.U. then? I rate this post a 1.6 (NOT a 1.60).

I knew I forgot to change that. The name I had first was Ammo Regeneration Device but I changed it, and forgot to change the acronym.

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Wow, lots of stuff nobody needs.

BTW, Ling, is AndrewB dead or something? Where are /newstuff chronicles? :/

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boris said:

Where are /newstuff chronicles? :/

Yeah, somebody take that top story down already.

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