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Mensa getting plenty of 3 year olds

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I just saw a news story about a 3 year old that was just inducted into Mensa. He has a 160 IQ. So to look up actual articles about such a thing, I found more and more 3 year olds accepted to Mensa.




I can't even find the latest 3 year old inducted.

The news piece also had 3 sample questions on the Mensa website to which the 3 newscasters answering the questions looked pretty buffoonish. Like what is the vowel between J and T. If 2 typists can type 2 pages per minute, how many pages can 1 typist type in 6 minutes? I was able to find these sample questions from Mensa >>


They seem pretty simple, if not trick questions, where I can imagine people overthinking them when they need to pay attention to the details.

I remember when I was younger, my friend's uncle used to brag about being in Mensa. Everyone would laugh at him saying you also have to pay a membership.

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Moral of the story, IQ is terrible nonsense, originally created as pseudoscience designed to justify racist and xenophobic measures, and anybody who actually believes intellect can be reduced to a single, easy to understand, integer value is most certainly far from being as smart as they think themselves to be.

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Yeah, I had a friend at school who also used to "brag" about being in Mensa.

My favourite witticism about Mensa is that it's a club for smart people who need to be reassured about how smart they are.

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There are benefits from joining clubs, when you can expect the other members to help you. Social networking 101.

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Technician said:

I read the thread title as NAMBLA.

Yeah as I was writing the thread, I started thinking four 3 year olds inducted in a year? NAMBLA

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