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Interesting Doom3 mod

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This is probably old news, but I ran across an interesting mod. For anyone who finds Doom3 a bit boring, I recommend you try this out. It introduces scavenging of bodies, speeds up and increases bad guys' aggressiveness, weapon features, a lot of graphical and game play tweaks. Makes the game a lot more interesting. This mod showcases some of the features in a more comprehensive mod {Star 1088} which bears watching. It's being done by one programmer I believe, impressive work.


Probably doesn't work with BFG {what does}

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I've read the people's comments, and it sounds promising. Thanks for letting us know, I'll definitely try it out.

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Da Werecat said:

Sounds deadspacey. Even doors are similar.

More like system shock 2. Scavenging corpses in space, alt fire mode weapons and creeping thru dark corridors

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Only similarity I could find with dead space was doors. It is always important to remember what game started it all when speaking in specific connection

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