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SLIME05-08 edit?

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I like the flats in this animation but in action it looks a bit ridiculous perhaps. The difference between first and last frame is very striking:

Just load Plutonia map01 and look how disco-ish it is. Has anyone seen or tried to make a less contrasting version of this animation?

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Replace SLIME08 with the copy of SLIME06. It may even create an interesting waving effect. Maybe it won't look as good as I think though, I gotta try it.
EDIT: Well OK, it may need a little more work, I admit.

EDIT2: This however works better. I just created it by "shifting" SLIME06 diagonally by an half of its width. If SLIME08 is replaced with this one, it looks quite okay.

EDIT3: Download in a .wad form. Build time = couple minutes.

(EDIT4: The start of Plutonia MAP01 may not be the best for testing though, because the start sector with this slime are given a lighting effect. Non-strobing slimes are found later on in the map.)

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Thanks man, this looks noticeably better to me! Maybe still a bit disco-ish but I guess that's just the nature of this animation and trying to make it even smoother will simply result in another SLIME01-04.

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