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Gzdoom, wobbly textures [Solved]

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I've noticed specifically in gzdoom that when i strife in either direction when facing a wall, the wall actually 'bends' in an unusual way. When i stand still it's fine.

It's complicated to explain exactly, it's just the wall seems to warp towards the direction i either walk or strife in. Seems like an unusual rendering issue, at least this is the impression.

Is this normal in gzdoom? Because in zdoom this anomaly doesn't occur. The rendering is in software mode, not opengl. I would screenshot the issue, but it doesn't seem to render it in them, which is weird. I updated to the newer version of gzdoom but the situation remains the same unfortunately.

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Huh, after all this time i never thought that was causing the issue.

That has indeed fixed it. The wobble is still present, though very faint. Not enough to raise awareness though.

Thank you, Eris. Nice quick and easy fix.

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