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The D_DDTBLU Disease

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EE has it, since upgrading to the newest SDL_mixer that fixes the MIDI deadlock when looping.

If you have no idea what I mean, I mean the phenomenon where a note at the end of the song is not cut off and then proceeds to sustain over nearly half the song until it by chance finally plays that note again.

ZDoom used to suffer from this and then abruptly stopped. Anybody know a quick-fix solution?

I am *not* averse to detecting the lump by its CRC32 and manually tweaking the output of mmus2mid for it if that's what it takes. I'd need to know what kind of event to insert at the end of the event stream, mainly, that would cause the note to end like it was obviously supposed to do under DMX playback.

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Thought I'd note a solution of adding a 00 B0 7B 00 (all notes off) event to each track just before the 00 FF 2F 00 end-of-track indicator seems to work. I just hope it's not overkill.

Special thanks to ConSiGno for finding a correct reference explaining how to use that event.

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