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Riot! DM [WIP]

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Riot DM is an in progress DM wad by myself intended for OS play for up to 6 players. The final version is planned to have a minimum of ten maps but it unfortunately isn't vanilla compatible due to the use of some generalised actions so a boom compatible source port is required. 5 maps were done yesterday (except for detailing and some spawn fixes). Now, enough shit and onto the screenshots.
Map 01: Who stole my cheese?

Map 02: Shoot it! (No need for a screenshot as it's just a shoot remix).
Map 03: K-Hole

Map 04: Rollout

Map 05: Generic Greenwar Map.

Credits thus far: Dew for testing map 01 (cheers sunshine), Jonathan Rimmer for the Erotic.. I mean, erm, Erratic texture pack and of course id software for Doom.

TO DO: Add detail, fix some spawn placement and get started on the next five.

My duel maps: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/65556-springys-duel-map-thread/

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