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WIP WAD not yet named

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So I'm working on my little project that will feature HUB maps. You start from docks to arrive to a base but you came too late. You have to get beyond the old sector deep into the caverns. The base was build over ancient temple with a gateway. You have to fight through the base, in administrative department, military department, research department and restricted area.

It's stil in pre-alpha and the time needed to complete is yet unknown, that's why I'm looking for a mapping partner. Here are some really bad screens since not much is done yet. I only do like hour or two per day.

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So, the wad will be quite heavily focusing on telling a story? The shots aren't bad at all. However I'm curious how you'd want to approach actual gameplay, and how much it'll be influenced by and subordinated to the story, or whatever you seem to be doing. (I only assume that.)

You know, I clearly see you want to create maps that are about more than just abstract gameplay. If I can give you an advice though, don't underestimate the actual gameplay aspect. The so-called "story wads" tend to do it. But players will judge your maps primarily by the leveldesign and by the amount of fun gameplay, and they won't care too much if there's some story background that makes sense. So my advice would be, better subordinate the sense and the realism to the level layout and gameplay, than the opposite. It kind of arises from my own previous experience, that it's better.

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yeah the plan is to add few cutscenes, not much and few hudmessages poiting what to do, but in the end the player will do whatever he wants to do, I mean it will be a HUB map, so he can start however he wants

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