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How to disable jump and crouch?

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How do I do this in Slade. I have seen how others have done it in Slade by placing it in there MAPINFO but when I do it and try it jump and crouch are still active. Any ideas?

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IMPORTANT: You should also note that this will work only for maps defined in the same MAPINFO. So you actually need more than just these lines. You need to explicitly define all the maps on which it should take effect.

defaultmap {
map MAP01 "My first map" {
  cluster = 5
  par = 100
  sky1 = SKY1,0
  next = MAP02
map MAP02 "My second map" {
  cluster = 5
  par = 150
  sky1 = SKY1,0
  next = MAP03
// And so on.
The particular map properties, of course, you can change however you wish.

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