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resonance demos [-complevel 2]

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The updated version of the wad will be on DSDA soon, so for now use this link: http://speedy.sh/RtNDU/resonance.zip

Here are the demos I did:

map01 uv-speed in 46 secs
map01 uv-max in 3:38
map01 uv-respawn in 2:34
map02 uv-max in 8:46
map03 uv-max in 8:39
map05 nomonsters in 15.91
map07 uv-max in 2:20

This wad is still a work in progress, and more maps will be added to it later, but the ones that are here should be good enough that I won't have to change them to the point where demos desync.


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I don't plan on using anymore Oblige/Obhack maps. Oblige maps look really good but they take hundreds of playtests to fix them up... you should have seen the originals lol

anyways... can anybody max map08?? I'm working on doing map04 currently.

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GrumpyCat said:

Map01 Pacifist 0:38
What is the point of making wads from computer-generated maps?

cool demo!

As I hinted a second ago, the "point" is that I found the maps to look nice, and I thought I'd include a few of the maps in my wad. I'm probably alone in that opinion, but oh well. Besides, it's not like I just generated them and then threw them together; there was actually a lot of external work done, which I could prove by showing some of the originals. Also I've said that I'm not using Oblige/Obhack maps because I'm not getting anymore unique ones and I'm inspired enough to make my own now. I guess my third reason now is that people don't like that stuff l@l. Note that map04 and map07 are my own maps.

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I discarded all of the Oblige built maps and am remaking them. I'll re-release the wad for demos when map02 is done. map01, 07, and 09 are done already, and map04 had a lot of updates to it.

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