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[Textures]Default Textures for Brainstorming in DB (Updated)

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Note: Crosspost from Zdoom forums. The textures are png in a pk3 file so it's meant for Zdoom usage. If there's demand for a Boom capable version I might work on one.

Update 1: Now includes Horizontal and Vertical textures in various sizes for Doors/Panels and such.

Are you making a map but you don't know what textures you're using yet? Do you just want to flesh out your map without having to put up with !'s and startans everywhere? Inspired by UnreadED's blocks, I made textures meant for brainstorming purposes.


Filesmelt or Dropbox

What you get
10 Colors - Black, White, Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Tan, and Yellow
Various sizes per color - 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512
A "Fuzz" and Solid texture per color for brainstorming sectors in odd shapes.
Door/Panel shapes per color in various sizes including
64x72 - Vert 1
64x128 - Vert 2
16x48 - Vert 3
16x32 - Vert 4
16x24 - Vert 5
8x32 - Vert 6
8x16 - Vert 7

256x128 - Horz 1
128x64 - Horz 2
64x32 - Horz 3
64x16 - Horz 4
64x8 - Horz 5
128x96 - Horz 6
120x112 - Horz 7

DB will automatically sort the textures by color since I used pk3 folders.


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I guess it's not a bad idea, but these seem a bit "flashy" to me. Something more subduded with measurements on the textures themselves, like the Source engine dev textures, would seem more practical. These look like certain mappers would be compelled to align them, which is sort of missing the point of dev textures. You're also missing common measurements like 72 (pretty much an IWAD low ceiling), 96, etc.

Knowing DB2, it'll probably screw you over and start randomly using STARTAN2 as the default texture at random, too.

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Ah, that's cool. I don't use GZDoom Builder much, I've moved on to Eureka for most of my mapping. (Which also lets you define defaults, but doesn't support loading PK3s.)

Here's a shot of some source dev textures from my unfinished CS:GO map:

Basically a solid color, with some measurements printed on the textures themselves. Those read "WALL 128x128", the railings have a little panel telling you what height to make them, there are ones for doing door frames, showing how tall a character will be, etc.

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