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I've been making more or less normal maps for some time, and now I feel that I've had enough. This is something that you could call a jokewad. It has 10 maps (plus a secret one) and a difficulty level (the bottommost one) which is more like a (crappy) gameplay mod - you get two mods in price of one!

Also, this is a DEMO, so it'll eventually have:

- More levels
- More Zdoom
- More Graig
- More everything


It's 13 minutes 25 seconds well spent! (Par times are my pistol start speedruns rounded up on "I'm so special" skill (with reaching the secret exit on map01, I think))

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esselfortium said:

Graig C.? The Graig C.?

Actually, Graig is a part of the plot, and my player name makes no sense in that context.

Edit: just in case it's not obvious enough, the blue dot at the bottom of the first post is a download link.

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I liked some of it, disliked some of it, yada yada.

Did think the chain of blue potions on the slime floor was pretty interesting and oddly effective, although the map itself was too obtuse for me to avoid turning God Mode on (I swear I shot that switch the first time around and it didn't react).

Also really liked the long incline level; I've been under the impression that the Doom guy somehow gains speed if he's constantly descending a slope like that, and this would be a good map to prove or debunk that theory on, once I code up a script to get the guy's velocity tic-by-tic.

Other personal highlights include the seizure level, the level with all that abuse of Boom sky transfers, and probably the Grosse level (I didn't bother fighting fair with the enemies there, though), while low-lights include the one with me taking on six Cyberdemons (I dunno, it's doable, I just couldn't be bothered to at that point) and the never-ending level from the first screenshot (got kind of grating after a while, but you supplied just enough health for me to not die, so I still saw it through).

In conclusion, it certainly is a jokewad

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Thanks for a pretty thorough rewiev, Shadow Hog! The six cyberdemon level is not that hard, though,


once you lure five of them on the yellow key balcony.

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