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Helping some guy out with his map.

Nuxius said:

The scrolling computers are in the room you just added to the large room with the slime fountain. You referenced it here:

I spruced up the big rectangular room with the slime fountain by adding a open-ended room in the southwest corner.

It's the screens in the corners opposite of the Hell Knights.

Also, the lowering floor that giant arrow points to has it's walls set to lower unpegged; it shouldn't be. It doesn't look right having the bricks stand still while the wall lowers.

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As I was already a regular on the ZDoom forums and had just decided to make an account on here to broaden my Dooming horizons, my firsrt post was a vague description of how to make monsters with glowing eyes. I used to be so helpful...

As my desktop at the time had an inexplicable issue accessing Doomworld, I was pretty inactive and even had to use Tormentor667 as a proxy on occasion until some time after Community Chest 3 came out, where I essentially mirrored my first thread in the ZDoom forums by providing links to all of my work at the time and soliciting opinions (in what I imagine would now be looked at as a narcissistic version of Brandon D. Lade's posting). Fortunately the few responses I got were encouraging. Since then I've been on and off here quite a bit.

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Apparently I registered here to request Shadowcaster support in XWE.

Years later I'd end up coding it myself in SLADE 3 instead.

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I started a thread called "jdoom console commands".

eternal slumber said on 10/20/04:
I've been playing coop games with Zdaemon (plutonia, scythe, but specifically alien vendetta) for the past couple months and it's been really fun. The servers are set up with a lot of monsters, infinite ammo, and respawning weapons. I was wondering how I could play a 1-player game on jdoom by using these options as well? I figured I could just host a multiplayer game (while playing alone) and set the weapons to respawn and the difficulty to hard (though I'll probably play on medium), but I'm not sure how to enable infinite ammo. Is there a console command I could use, or another way of performing this task?
Thanks for your time.

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In my first few posts I was trying to help out some other newcomer modders in Doom Editing.
I intentionally made several posts in a while, to quickly get rid of the title "Registered to make one post".

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As Railgunner in 6-23-02
There is a series of TCs I have been planning on making and I basically finished the art replacement and hacking. Now I need an experianced BOOM level editor! Just post a message and I'll try to contact you. The first one is based on medieval times (Return Resources)

I could have sworn I made some post about a levelset I was attempting to do, but I guess that was it instead.

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My first post on Doomworld comments and forums might be here:

Heh. You inspired me. I even told them certain... truths... they (quakers) must feel like the missing link. But we can confort them like a god does a hapless child. DooM, as BiG as doom itself! Wow, I sound like some mystic :| Really, DooM does live. As an aside (an more to the matter): Why are some people still posting as if the case were not (fortunately) closed and cleared? (Well me, I'm just hanging from a branch).

My first post on the current forums should be this one:

you just did post # 666
bye :/

My first post on the current forums as myk was:

'a question of time' or even better 'a matter of time' would have worked out much more than 'a question of date' as the fact that it was implying it was a joke relatedst a possible supposed implication, which would have been: "it was a matter of time till compet-n embraced zdoom"

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How do you like you Doom thread, back in 2010.

soner du said:

Most of the time, on my little laptop (Win XP) :
- GZDoom
- OpenGL, lights.pk3

On my big PC (Win7) and on my parents' iMac :
- Doomsday
- Hi-Res textures, 3D models

On both :
- Freelook
- Fullscreen, maximum resolution
- No jump, no crouch, no crosshair
- Always run, strafing with arrow keys, snapshot on mouse button 3, etc.

Nowadays, I'm using PrBoom+ and Chocolate Doom...

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January 2005. I believe this was my first post. Yeah, I know it's retarded and so was I.

I currently use ZDoom (newest version), but I wonder which Source Port has the most non-vanilla features.

I also would like to know what features are on the other source ports that ZDoom does not have atm. (I know legacy supports up to 32 players)

Hard to believe I'm not a Senior Member after all this time.

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Demon Hunter said:

I think he would be coller if he could step on you like those crushing celings in doom

Technically my first post, though from a different account. Apparently back then I was posting while under the influence of Nyquil and bad spelling ._.

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