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One October, in 2004...
Hey guys!

My name is Kirby, and I come from the Zdoom forums. I have recently started work on a project dubbed "The Halloween wad". It is currently underway, but the mapping proccess has not yet begun. We are looking for more people to help with mappping, creating new sprites and decorations. For info, go to http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.ph...3bac1276b56763a
This sign up dates are from Oct.18-31 and the wad will be released on the 31st!!!

All help is appreciated!!

Kirby <("<)

Hahahaha oh God and I was so certain of getting it all done. It would appear my second post was in the same thread, where rf` called me Kirby x and I had no idea he was comparing me to another member so I gleefully went "Yep!" -_-

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"Well, thank you guys for be interesting on my own doom figure, i really worked very hard to do this, the most difficult thing to do with the model was the 4 legs, they was so hard to joint to the body, i needed some kind of strong industrial glue hehe, also i painted it with acrilic paint and metallized too for the legs a little and body, most of this figure i made with epoxy putty.

And thanks for watching the video, if you want to comment or post your opinions ill be grateful :)"

What a bad english, worse than now.

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Kontra Kommando said:

When comparing older games to newer games, we need to take into consideration the limitations of the time it was created. I took an art history class a long time ago, and the professor explained that any credible art critic does this. For example, you cannot judge Giotto’s work with the same lenses as you would judge artwork from the High Renaissance period. Without Giotto’s innovations, the High Renaissance would not be. The same goes for comparing video games. I think it’s really dumb when reviewers give old games a low rating based on the standards of today.

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