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zrrion the insect

Disopolis (hexen)

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Working on a mini-episode for Hexen. I plan to have the required combat/progression through the level be rather simplistic, but there are a few side areas/side puzzles should you want to muck about and solve things.
I aim for this to work with zdoom, but currently zdoom is not happy with everything in it, so to avoid HOMs in the portals you may want to use gzdoom. this issue will hopefully be resolved soon.

Here, have some screenshots that I took just for you:
Showing off the new fogmap:

An outdoor shot:

Seen here: portals that don't work in software:

More portals that don't work:


For those of you who like to play things, the current version can be downloaded >here<.
If you have criticisms/a cool name idea/ help getting the portals to jive right those are most welcome.

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Shots look amazing, you've captured a nice atmosphere in them that reminds me of the originals.

Quick name recc:
"Veiled in the Mists of Mystery" for the foggy map, always wanted to use that name but haven't mapped for Hexen yet.

As for portals, I think posting in the doom editing section is your best bet.

Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing this playable in Zdoom!

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Wow, just passed by to tell that those shots look awesome indeed. I'd love to play the finished version of this.

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Hi, just played this, pretty good. It feels a bit different from normal Hexen gameplay, looks different too, that's not too bad though. Only thing I'd have liked to see is more artifacts, and maybe something telling me when I'd reached the end - couldn't find anything to do after hitting the bell in the 2nd map so I assume that was the end.

Some bugs or other visual oddities:

In GZDoom the first map had a lot of weird flat-bleeding type bugs at certain points. They were only visible from certain spots on the map.

This stained glass wall didn't make a crash sound when I broke it.

I fell here and got stuck.

The sky on Map 2 looks very weird to me in combination with the fog.

I was able to jump on this thing and then get onto some places that I think I wasn't supposed to.

Couldn't figure out how to leave this area. Maybe it was a trap?

All in all I liked it, hope we get more.

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Glad you liked the map. The second map was unfinished so it didn't really have an end then. since then I've added an exit.
The weird stuff in the first map is a gzdoom problem and I can't really fix it. (it's worse in zdoom, but that may be for different reasons)
The Stained glass not making a sound is probably due to what channel it is played on. I should be able to fix that.
Getting stuck there is now fixed.
Jumping that isn't really a problem, but I have moved it to prevent getting stuck behind it.
In the last shot, there's a switch that lets you out.

The fog in map 2 isn't supposed to be grey. In software there's a custom colormap that gets used to create a fog effect, but gzdoom doesn't use the colormap, and assumes that all custom colormaps are supposed to be grey fog. There are some screenshots in the first post showing how it should look in zdoom. I haven't yet found a way to make the fog brown in gzdoom, so until then it'll just have to look weird.

There's a new version in the first post with some fixes in it, an exit for map02, and some other goodies for those who like goodies.

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