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Has anyone beat Nuts.WAD without cheating?

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It depends on what you mean by "beat".
If you mean simply exit the level, yes, it is very much possible to do that.
If you mean exit the level and kill all the monsters, no, it's impossible due to there not being enough cells.
It's always helpful to look through the Doomed SDA to see if someone has beaten a map or not.

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nuts is easy to "max" (92% kills): http://doomedsda.us/wad706.html

There's simply not enough ammo to take out the bajillion cybs that are left alive in the second room. I guess it's theoretically possible to punch them all to death in order to get 100% kills??

edit: revved beat me to it. ohwell.

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Simply exiting Nuts is as easy and trouble-free as exiting Doom2 map01. There's probably even less that can go wrong, in fact.

Ah, OK, I suppose there is a chance of an intercepts overflow (likely on NM, much less so on UV), in which case you wouldn't exit.

In terms of a one-line deh file to make Nuts readily Maxable, a simple one is just to enable intra-species infighting.

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