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Transporting group of monsters

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I'm using Doom in hexen and can't get all monsters to transport at once.
What I do is make a seperate room with these monsters in them and give them all the same tag (1). Then I create the area where I want them to transport to and give that a tag (2) and then I put down the same amount of teleport destination icons as there are monsters (3)

Then, on the line def that I want to transport these monsters I select: teleport group:

Group ID: 1 Source ID: 2 Target ID: 3

But for some reaon not all of them transport. Why is this? How do I fix it?

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This Example: TELEPORT_GROUP uses an Open script, but you can use a linedef trigger just as well.


Teleports the specified group of actors from one area to another
while keeping their same positions relative to each other.

'relative to each other' means to pay close attention to:
1. the location of the teleport destinations
2. the direction pointer of the teleport destinations

77:TeleportGroup (tid, source, destination, movesource, fog)

tid: The TID of the actor(s) to teleport.
If 0, teleports the activator only.

source: The spot relative to which to teleport.
This must be a teleport destination object.

destination: The destination spot relative to which to spawn,
which must also be a teleport destination.

movesource: If 1, the source object teleports along with the other actors

fog: Set to 1 to use teleport fog, or 0 to teleport without.

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