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{The UAC Hideout}

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Hello! I have made my first WAD ever, which is The UAC Hideout!
It's nothing special, But I would like some feed back. I hope you like it.


Comes with: the WAD, and some info files.

This WAD has 4 levels {the 4th one being a thanks level}, and no new textures.

{P.S. At first I posted this in the Moron Section... I'm a real moron.}

You need Jumping to get a key.
Play this in Open GL.
Level-2 not able to play from pistol-start.

I also working on a new WAD.

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hihi, welcome to dw.

It's good practice to let people know what port you designed for or playtested the wad in (eg. prboom, chocolate doom, or in this case zdoom). Furthermore it's nice to specify whether or not jumping and crouching is required, the former of which seemingly is to get the last key in map01. Oh yeah! and I guess it's also worth mentioning if the maps are meant to be played continuously, or if it's possible to beat them from pistol-start.

Anyways! here's a demo of me playing through the maps (recorded in zdoom 2.7.1): https://www.mediafire.com/?q1bmb06yww1dcl2

It's quite obvious that you're new to mapmaking, so here's some general tips I think could improve your future levels:

- As with most new mappers, the design is very: open room --> shoot demons in front of you --> open new room --> repeat. I encourage you to experiment with giving the player multiple choices of ways to progress through the map.
- Dynamics! Not much in these maps, it's mostly 'what you see is what you get'. So I'd also encourage you to play around with traps, incorporating raising/lowering floors and ceilings, basically just making the map feel more "alive".
- Your layouts are mostly flat, in general it's more interesting to have monsters attacking from different heights and angles.
- Space! Though I do like cramped maps you usually have more leeway to craft interesting encounters if you give the player and enemies a bit more room to move around.
- Your secrets (while very obvious) contained seemingly essential resources to complete the map. While the topic certainly is debatable I think it's best to give the player the necessary weapons and ammo, and have the secrets provide bonus supplies or access to interesting optional areas.
- The upper and lower unpegged linedef tags can help make things like this look better.
- doombuilder has some kick-ass autoalign functions that can save you a lot of time. For instance try going to this section in visual mode and hitting A and shift+A
- I'd also encourage you to test your maps with software graphics, which many people use, as things like this might be missed if you only use GL.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the feed back! I going to use the tips and tricks you told me to use to make a longer map-pack.It's probably going to be based on a castle, being pretty open,with out door areas. I'm also gonna test it out it software mode too. But really, Thanks for playing my first WAD!

I couldn't watch the video... I don't know what file type that is...

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