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Sound Effects in PFE

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hey man, ive definitely done my fair share of stealing resources from pfenh (definitely one of the raddest mods)

the door noises (i dont know if you want them all gone, but i dont know that one specific one) is in the items wad (for some reason) and you can just delete the sndseq lump if you want the vanilla door sounds and all of that, as for that one specific sound, the best way to find it (seriously...) is to go through and find the sound by playing them all, find it in the sndinfo lump, and place a $volume "name of sound without quotes" 0.5 (to start) next to it to turn the volume down. (i hope you dont already know this so i look awesome.

and the fire one, theres a few fires, theres the torch fire sound (its in torches and the sound is called trchloop, theres the vilefry sound in the sound wad.

lemme know if that helped dude.

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Thanks that definitly helped. But I cant really get the quiter torch sound working :| I manually extracted it. Lowered the volume and imported it back in. Wont work.

I already gone through all of them and wasnt really able to figure out which one is the right door sound. But thanks for your help anyway :)

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