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Map for freedm

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Very nice!

Remember FreeDM is vanilla so it should be tested in chocolate-doom at least. It needs everything tagged with singleplayer. There are 4 player 1 starts. The exit door is also broken, needs vanilla style tagging.

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Those pillars use a bunch of linedefs, they could be 4 without affecting gameplay. That glowing blue part on top could vastly be simplified to a single linedef.

I can vanilla up the original when I have time.

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Nice. I went for the walls and spare vertexes. Was trying to keep those pillars as original as possible. In my version will need to simplify the pillars a bit more. I wanted smooth walls for wall running, but kept the nice design at corners.

Check out this version. Still got some HOM and a little VPO.

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Catoptromancy said:

Remember FreeDM is vanilla...

Hey, I just made a map to fill one of the unused 30-32 slots. I thought these could also be in Boom format? It doesn't really matter though, as I haven't used any Boom-specific functions.


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Yeah, my current map has seen a few odd errors (sidedefs that are definitely textured show up as HOMs, etc.).

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