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Oh boy, more XWE problems! Yay!

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Hey everyone, I have more XWE problems!
First, whenever I start up XWE it complains about this in an info box:

Info file not found

Then, this:

Failed to create key Doom.wadfile/shell/EditXWE.

Then, this:

List index out of bounds (0)

Then, whenever I try to do something, it just says:

List index out of bounds (3)

Please help.

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Joe667 said:

This is all Slade stuff. Are you saying I should use that instead?

Now you're catching on. I always knew you Brighton boys weren't as slow as they say. [/Kevinbacon]

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Joe667 said:

I should use Slade instead?

I used to be a die-hard XWE user, and for some games I'll still use it. However, for DooM, I found that XWE was giving me problems - particularly with newer MS operating systems. I discovered SlumpEd, which I found to be very stable, while SLADE was not quite so - during initial development. But now that I have tried the official release of SLADE (v3.02), I'm definitely sold on it. Give it a try, and you'll find it is easy to learn and use. Plus, SLADE is currently supported and is under on-going development, while XWE is no longer supported.

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