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For Science.

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xAn said:

Hm, wasting bullets by hitting only the walls...

Nah he's just showing all the demons his shiney new chaingun and his funky clothes

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DeathevokatioN said:

Needs "Staying Alive" to be playing in the backround.

It would be funnier with Dancing Queen by ABBA

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dew said:

I've spent a significant part of yesterday's evening with this on, heh.

Can't... stop... watching...

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Based on this: http://ahahahahripntear.ytmnd.com/

I made a video with the song Stayin' alive by Bee Gees.

This is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFQ_dopXPZE

I'm not the creator of the animations and the graphics in the video, is just a compilation.

Credits to the content for:

Bee Gees
and other people.

PD: The only content from mine is the pusssy gameplay with chainsaw hahaha.

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