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Level->SVG exporter?

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Has anyone made any Doom level -> scalable vector graphics exporter? Not PNG mind you.

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I wrote one in Python as part of a project before. This is the kind of output it produces. If using Python is no objection, I can try and make it useable as a command line thing.

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That looks quite good, and I don't mind Python. A command-line utility would be cool, though I'm ultimately looking for a source code so I can modify it for my needs :)

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I forgot that it uses Cairo for SVG rendering, so in addition to a Python 2.7 install, it also requires PyGTK to be installed, from http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/binaries/win32/pygtk/2.24/ (this version will probably work).

After that, run it by doing in a command line.

wad2svg.py doom2.wad MAP12 doom2_map12.svg 2048 2048
The SVG rendering stuff happens in maprender.py, line 113.

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Colin Phipps did a wad2svg script in Perl, he has it on his doombsp project page on Sourceforge;

Homepage: http://doombsp.sourceforge.net/wad2svg/
Tarball: http://sourceforge.net/projects/doombsp/files/wad2svg/0.1/wad2svg-0.1.tar.gz

The only bad part about the script is that it's dirt old, I don't think it's been updated since about 2002 or so. I did a few tests with it, if you want to see what it outputs.

Here's the example SVG that's listed on his page (125Kb);


Not sure why Chrome won't render this as an SVG in the browser for me.

Here's a try at rendering Mek Velapax... WARNING: this SVG file is about 5.7M, you might want to download it first, then open it up in a dedicated SVG program like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator... it takes Chrome forever to render it.


The SVG Perl module should be available on any modern Linux system as a package that you can install, for example, on Debian/Ubuntu, the package is named libsvg-perl. It may also installable on Strawberry Perl for Windows via cpanm.

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There also is the option of using a WAD -> DXF/DWG exporter and then going DXF/DWG -> SVG, if going through two steps doesn't bother you.

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