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Brutal Doom for Doom64 EX Possible?

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A guy over at the ZDoom forums called intacowetrust has just put up a version of PSX Doom merged with Brutal Doom and against my expectations both mods work really well together. Brutal Doom really does add to the experience of running and gunning in a dark, broody atmosphere. I made a post to thank him and mad a quip about porting BD to Doom64 Ex. Then after posting I thought about it and came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be a bad idea. It would be a quick (I think!) way to improve the weapon sprites and animations though obviously it would take a lot of work to do the monster sprites.

One benefit would be that it might bring some much needed attention to Doom64 EX itself as I imagine the legions of BD fans would produce plenty of videos for Youtube.

So, I'm asking all you experienced modders out there. How possible would it be? Is it possible at all?

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Not possible currently.

Doom64 EX still lacks a way to define custom actors. Without the ability to define and redefine actors, you cannot create gameplay changes -- the most you can do is provide simple graphic replacements.

Kaiser does plan to have some sort of DECORATE support, though obviously it'll be a bit different from ZDoom's, even if only in the selection of codepointers available. Until this happens, though, no Brutal Doom, Russian Overkill, or even Immoral Conduct for Doom64 EX.

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