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Extended FreeDM

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Vanilla doom will ignore map slots over map33 and mapinfo lmps. We are starting to overflow with maps. I see no reason to not include a mapinfo and maps over map33. Since ports that support mapinfo also support boom, why not allow those maps to also be boom compatible.

Wad will still be 100% vanilla compatible. Ports that support mapinfo will be able to access those maps as an extended feature.

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It is actually possible to play MAP33 in Vanilla/Chocolate, though I think that's the absolute maximum. So you could argue that DM33 should still be Vanilla compatible. I think your logic holds for additional levels though.

Protox's new levels have filled all the remaining map slots, but MAP29 is long abandoned and ought to be considered an open slot for all intents and purposes.

EDIT: My mistake, I see that there are actually still three remaining map slots for FreeDM that haven't been filled. I'd like to get a full set of 32 levels before we consider doing this, otherwise there's the danger that it could become a lazy way out of dealing with Vanilla compatibility issues ("just throw it in the MAP33+ range" rather than fixing it to work with Vanilla).

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We already have 3 submissions.

<XCOPY> Catoptromancy http://static.best-ever.org/wads/fdmmap20.wad

Joe667's http://www.mediafire.com/download/8...MJoe%282%29.wad

<Springy> Oh and before I forget, RiotDM
<Springy> http://www.mediafire.com/download/08w4h3qc9f4q9hb/Riot!DM.wad
<Springy> Obviously, I still need to convert to vanilla and replace textures

No need to convert boom to vanilla anymore.

Since these are all boom, they will go into the boom slots.
A mapinfo compatible with as many ports as possible will be created soon.

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XCOPY said:

Might as well think of a lobby map similar to the one in zddl4 or duel32e, not really trivial, but duelers would enjoy something like that. If you think about making it happen a duel championship, you should consider a special space to place the winners' names.

This is too port specific. Just having a simple "map,next map" MAPINFO lmp will allow almost all multiplayer ports access to those maps.

EDIT> Specific ports can create a lobby pwad to work with FreeDM.

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12:17 < Catoptromancy> i want to target odamex, zdaemon and zandronum with a single mapinfo
12:17 < Catoptromancy> and emapinfo for eternity
12:17 < Giomancer> That would work.
12:18 < Catoptromancy> are you sure what I just said is compatible?
12:18 < Catoptromancy> i am not 100% sure
12:18 < Catoptromancy> heh
12:18 < Giomancer> Quas has set up his parser to ignore a mapinfo in 'hexen' style format.
12:18 < Catoptromancy> so multiplayer ports use hexen style mapinfos?
12:18 < Giomancer> Those three do.
11:50 < Catoptromancy> is there an EMAPINFO example somewhere?
11:51 < Giomancer> Yes.
12:21 < Giomancer> http://pastebin.com/14AwrCqY
11:56 < Catoptromancy> that will go into freedm at some point
11:57 < Catoptromancy> im going to assume you made that?
11:57 < Giomancer> Yeah. :P
11:57 < Catoptromancy> can be submitted as freedoom material
11:57 < Catoptromancy> and then just be edited to fit
11:57 < Catoptromancy> heh
11:58 < Giomancer> Sure. It's part of my free-eternity stuff.

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God, I haven't looked at the Freedoom corner of DoomWorld in ages! I haven't done a good job updating my submission, either - or at all, really XD

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