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Some Maps In Certain WADs Won't Open With Doom Builder 2

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Hey guys, I'm in need of help looking at maps with opening certain maps with Doom Builder 2.

An example of an map I can't open is MAP01 in MONHIDE.wad (The Monster Hideout), which is said to be in the UDMF format according to it's author. If look at this image that I took while I had the WAD loaded with Slade3, then you'll see it has no standard lumps such as THINGS and SECTORS. The author said I could view the maps with Doom Builder 2, but as you can see in this image, the map won't show up in the box like other maps in other WADs would.

So why won't maps show up in certain WADs in Doom Builder 2? Could it be because I don't have an additional plugin I would need, could it be the version I'm using (my version is, or could it be I'm not using the SVN build of Doom Builder 2? Whatever the case might be, then I would like some help.

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Du Mhan Yhu said:

Because you aren't opening it in Zdoom (Doom in UDMF Format)

Ugh... I can't believe I didn't realize that until now.

However I must ask this, what maps can you NOT open with Doom Builder 2?

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However I must ask this, what maps can you NOT open with Doom Builder 2?

You should be able to open any maps in Doom Builder 2, as long as you know what map format works with what map you are trying to open.

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