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Populating huge rooms

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In regards to keeping gameplay interesting, here's some things I've observed in some people's maps that I like to do.

- Ground Troops, sometimes it's fun to put a huge big fat pile of imps or pinky demons in no organized fashion in the back of the room (opposite of where the player will be entering from), and let them be activated by the player's presence or gunfire so that they scatter around and make a big fun messy massacre.

- Traps, keep the room completely empty (or at least minimalistic) until the player gets a weapon, item, or hits a switch, then flood the area with monsters with some trap closet doors or teleport ambushes. This makes the size of the room a bit intimidating, but also gives the player a chance to survey where he can go before things get wild.

- Pillars and Ledges, just placing monsters all over the map will be kinda sloppy and cause a lot of infighting if there's too much variety. You might have to alter the design of your room, but placing key monsters on vantage points can make them dangerous as the player has to attempt to get close to them to get a good shot (using many varieties of monsters in opposite sniping spots to complicate the equation), versus monsters just walking up to your face like you'd have in a smaller area.

Hope that helps! I've had similar problems in my mapping but I feel like I'm on the right track with these tips I've shared with ya.

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The room in particular, I'd say have the monsters hold the high ground to begin with. When you've cleared that and are approaching some of the doors or ways out, introduce either a flood of weak enemies or a few big ones with some teleported support.

Generally speaking, I like to have enemies in large rooms entrenched against the player to keep him on his toes and make him have to fight through the room to actually clear it, rather than just stand at the door way and meat grind, with what 40oz refers to above as "ground troops" in as the meat of the encounter. In fact, all of his ideas there are solid for general monster placement, I'd say!

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